First Friday in October – Milepost 5 Galleries

Octo­ber First Fri­day at Mile­post 5
Fri­day, Octo­ber 4, 2013
6 pm—10 pm
850 NE 81st Ave.

Scardy Cat, Oil on Canvas by Margie Lee.

Scardy Cat, Oil on Board by Margie Lee.

Opening in Gallery 5

Margie Lee

Fighting Like Cats and Dogs: The Wolf Series

Who will win?  Can the small over­come the large?  What are the per­sonal and polit­i­cal impli­ca­tions?   Find out in this emo­tion­ally charged nar­ra­tive series by artist Margie Lee. Margie spent years draw­ing and paint­ing ani­mals at the San Diego Zoo.   Media:   Oil on board.

The Wolf Series is about the 12 stages of the arche­typal round or heroes jour­ney. The paint­ings fol­low the nar­ra­tive of over­com­ing obsta­cles and power strug­gles. It is Jun­gian based, and can be applied to any­thing in life. A rela­tion­ship, a career or fac­ing addiction.



Opening in the Denizen Gallery

Artists of Milepost 5

[ Out of ] Time: a collective exhibit

it’s about time, the end of time, time past, time to come, time­less­ness, time­lines, dead­lines unmade, never enough time, the flag is down, the race has ended, the count­down has begun, out of time, (out of) time….

An exhi­bi­tion about time. Don’t miss it.


Opening in the Lofts Gallery

Brigette Romaker, Sheree Corniel, Gavin Eveland

My Heart is a Beast_Tabloid_resize2LTR_blog

My Heart is a Beast

Art works, writ­ings and quotes explor­ing sci­ence, obser­va­tion, imag­i­na­tion, expres­sion, and the human condition. 

Black Box Theatre/Denizen Gallery

There will be a pro­gram of free live per­for­mances con­nected with My Heart is a Beast.

Begin­ning at 7 pm in the Black Box Theatre:

  • Vaj, Rock
  • Sleepy Creek, Experimental 

Begin­ning at 8:30 pm in the Denizen:

  • Matt Styner, Comedy
  • Devin “Gatsby” James, Pro­gres­sive Hip Hop
  • KRMSN, Scat­ter Hip Hop
  • Gemet Gemet, Exper­i­men­tal Music