A list of the top photo booth apps for iPad

The fastest and easiest method to operate a photo booth at your future event is to get your iPad, install an application, and you are done. Although the best photo booth for iPad is a challenging decision, the following leading iPad photo booth might fulfill your requirements.
Let me offer you some photo booth solutions.
Pocketbooth enables you to turn your iPad into 1950s-era vintage photo booth with five beautiful photo effects. The photo booth software enables you to create photo strips that are seconds apart turning your photos into amazing moments to cherish.
Simple Booth:
Simple Booth as suggested by its name is a straightforward yet stunning photo booth app for iPad which helps you to take photos and swipe to alter them with the idea to a GIF or perhaps a photo layout, it’s your choice.
DIY Booth:
With DIY Booth you’ll be able to construct your own Photo Booth. It’s suitable for the new Sony Digicams and may connect via WiFi. You have the option to share images via Social Media.
Wireless Booth:
Wireless Booth is a photo booth software that connects wirelessly to your cameras and printers to produce a fun new interactive photo booth experience Utilise it at weddings, corporate occasions, or wherever you’ve got a photo booth setup. Created by a celebration professional photographer, it concentrates on a quick but fun guest experience.
Turn your iPad right into a professional live touchscreen photo booth! This photo booth app for iPad is ideal for weddings, birthdays, parties, selfies and then any other function you may have. Includes all features enabled, no sneaky in application purchases or advertisements.
Enable your visitors to share their photos over E-mail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, by checking a QR Code. No internet? Not a problem, LumaBooth will queue e-mails and SMS messages before you get access to the internet. It’s fully customizable with built-in styles for the start screen whether for any wedding, birthday or party or easily set your personal background image, font, and colours to help keep together with your event’s theme.

Brilliant Live Streaming Camera Equipment

The digital age has seen improvements in many areas, not least that of camera equipment. These days, it is entirely possible to film anything you do – from extreme sports to simply taking a walk – and we want to tell you about the very latest, quite brilliant technology. We are talking about 360degree cameras – really, they film all around you – from the enthusiastic experts at 360 Cameras, the leading supplier of these superb devices in South Africa.

Have a look at the  Camera360.co.za website and you will see that they offer the best devices, plus all accessories, at the best prices, and you can include an app so you can live stream anything you are filming. Allowing your followers to be with you in real time is a great idea, so have a look at the 360 Cameras website now for more information, or get in touch and they will be happy to help.
360-degree video.